Getting Started

MyloDocs generates and hosts a documentation website for you. We pull markdown files from a GitHub repo and generate a beautiful site. You don’t need to worry about designing and maintaining another website. You can focus on writing great documentation.

Create GitHub Repo

In order to use MyloDocs you first must have a GitHub repository. You can use an existing one or create a brand new one. When you first connect your repo to MyloDocs we will create the necessary files and commit them to your repo.

Create A New Documentation Site

Head over to MyloDocs and login. Click the New Doc button which should bring up the create wizard. Add a name for you documentation site. The next step is to link up with your GitHub Repo. Finish up in the wizard and that will create your documentation site. And that’s it. You have your first doc site up and running. All you have to do now is update your markdown files in GitHub and the changes will automatically be built.