Getting Started

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Getting Started

There are a few things needed to create your first Documentation Site. You need a GitHub repo that contains your markdown files. And you need to sign up for


Mylodocs will only include GitHub branches that start with version-. So for version 1.2 there would be a branch called version-1.2.

Github Repo Structure

In order to have the best looking documentation site your github needs to contain a few files. Without those your site will not function correctly.

To set up your menu you need to have a file called in the root of your repo. It should be structured like below. I would suggest your first item be the Overview like below. See the next section about the file.

* [Overview](

## Prologue

* [Introduction and Installaton](prologue/
* [Contributing Guide](prologue/
* [How To Contribute](prologue/
* [Release Cycle](prologue/

## External Links

* [Github](

Anything in will be displayed in the menu. Make sure your links are correct.

Version Overview

One more file you must have in the root of your repo is This is the markdown file that will get rendered as a summary for your version. It’s the file that gets render at This should contain overview information.

There are a few things you need to remember. Mylodocs will ignore anything that starts with a . such as .gitignore.